Our Quality Policy

Modern Laboratory & scan Centre is a labour of Love. Quality is a habit straight from the Heart with us. The modern Laboratory team is here to Serve.

With honesty and accountability

We provide a wide range of tests at reasonable costs. Tests are so carried out as to yield accurate results. In case of ambiguity or doubt we provide re-testing free of cost.

With excellence

Committed to good professional practices, we comply with International standards ISO 15189: 2012. Modern Laboratory & Scan centre management painstakingly chooses staff that is responsible and compassionate.

With enthusiasm

Never complacent, our staff undergoes rigorous training programs continuously. We also strive to keep up with the Joneses in improving our laboratory services with cutting edge latest equipment.

Ensuring confidentiality

We value our clients' right to privacy and adhere to strictest codes of confidentiality when it comes to information pertaining to patients as well as professional and commercial Issues. Our Quality Policy is not just a piece of paper to be filed and forgotten just as our patients aren't mere numbers. Quality and improvement are not random figures. At Modern Laboratory & Scan centre, they are both measurable. Our team is well versed with the Quality Policy and wholeheartedly works towards implementing it. We review our Quality policy annually to overcome our limitations, identify opportunities and better ourselves. We aim to be the yardstick of Quality. Because we care!