Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to consistently provide the best client experience through the highest quality of laboratory investigations and be the leaders in the field of pathology and radiology in Patiala.


Our passion for the art and science of medicine, our highly trained staff, combined with cutting edge technology, exceptional customer service and continuous quality improvement, holistically integrates diagnostic data to optimize patient diagnosis, treatment, management and prognosis.


We envision Modern Laboratory & Scan Centre as a socially responsible laboratory that will command respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to society. Modern Laboratory & Scan Centre will be the first choice of outpatients, treating physicians, and corporate houses within the communities we serve. We foresee ourselves making a significant contribution towards the transformation of healthcare…


At MODERN LABORATORY & SCAN CENTRE, Everthing we do starts with the Big Q - QUALITY

Did you know that every test from the modern Laboratory & scan Centre comes withe guarantee relaibilty, and the assurance of Technology?

And this guarantee is possible because our department Quality Control ensures that every machine at Lab takes a quality test EVERY morning. Patient's samples are run if and ONLY If the machine passes the test.

For your doctor, this means that he gets a report that he can build his treatment on.

For you, this means that you get the report that you can be SURE of!